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The Reboot Series (7)
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David Highlender
Special Ops
Horseman on the Rise
On Site

Captain Shawn Gorman has been accused of Treason and the USS Defiant has been sent to capture or kill the crew of the USS Shadow Horseman!
Matthew Veach
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Star Trek: Origin of the Borg
Off Site

After learning that the Borg Collective began as an accident gone horribly wrong, Star Fleet reluctantly decides to send a ship to the past to prevent the Borg from becoming a Collective. What will happen to this highly controversial mission? How will Picard's and Janeway's opinions effect it?
Todd Kelley
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Lost Frontier:
On Site

The crew of the USS Prodigy is assembled to explore and unknown region of space known as Sector 71. There, they battle a race of space-fairing conquerors called the K'teer.
Galen Holcomb
Pre Emptive Maneuvers Part 1
On Site

Starfleet Command has now classified Intrepid as a renegade vessel. Meanwhile, the Dominion wants the ship captured or destroyed. With the entire Alpha Quadrant now against them, the crew faces insurmountable odds-----and if they fail, billions will perish.
Michael Wright
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology
Desperate Time, The
On Site

Alternate Universes All Series Information
Macintosh (Computer) All Series Technology
Interphase Cloaking Array Special Ops Technology
Gorman, Shawn Special Ops Character Bio
Advanced Sensor Countermeasures (ASCM) USS Missouri Technology
Slipstream Torpedo Phoenix-X Information
Philip Reming Paradigm Shift Information
Thermodynamic Vest Special Ops Technology
Picard Maneuver All Series Information
Gan-An'War, Mia Helix Character Bio

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Ships of the Fleet
Beginnings (1)
Most Recent: Lines in the Sand, 2023.08.16
Unity (10)
Most Recent: ST:UNI101 | "A New Generation", 2023.03.31
Shadow of Death (64)
Most Recent: ST:SoD001 | "Latenter", 2023.03.31
House of Cards (4)
Most Recent: "House of Cards Part 1", 2023.03.31
Saturn's Ring (3)
Most Recent: "Saturn's Ring Part 1", 2023.03.31
Through the Valley (192)
Most Recent: ST:TTV106 | "The Repository", 2023.03.31
Memoirs of a Mischa (7)
Most Recent: "Diamonds are Forever Part 1", 2023.03.31
The Animated Voyages (4)
Most Recent: A Taste of the Arrow, 2017.03.23
Ships of the Fleet: Anthology (106)
Most Recent: Children of the stars., 2015.08.28
The Early Years (6)
Most Recent: To Boldly Go, Ch 26-Fin, 2012.09.17
Columbia (5)
Most Recent: 001, 2012.08.27
Paradigm Shift (13)
Most Recent: Borg Like Me, part deux, part two, 2012.08.23
Special Ops (11)
Most Recent: Paradox Conceived, 2012.08.13
Helix (11)
Most Recent: Phantoms, part 2, 2012.06.21
Protostar (2)
Most Recent: Encapsulation, 2012.06.11
Titan (7)
Most Recent: Synthesis, 2012.05.19
Screaming Rebel (7)
Most Recent: Samaritans' Dilemma Part 8: Crash and Burn, 2011.06.20
Banshee Squadron 2.0 (21)
Most Recent: Star Charts: Banshee Squadron Addendum, 2010.02.13
Fifth Voyager (137)
Most Recent: FV3.27 / 4.01 - Scary But True, 2009.09.11
Dark Horizon (20)
Most Recent: The Road Not Taken, 2008.11.01
The Final Frontier (52)
Most Recent: Where Angels Fear to Tread, part I, 2008.09.17
The Adventures of Argus (3)
Most Recent: Nuclear Time, 2008.04.26
USS Sovereign (7)
Most Recent: The Dragon Is Dead--Long Live The Dragon!, 2007.10.02
Intrepid (16)
Most Recent: Inevitability Part 2, 2007.08.29
Aegis (4)
Most Recent: Star Trek: Aegis 2.0: Oumriel, 2007.07.07
Epiphany Trek (10)
Most Recent: The Long Patrol, 2006.03.28
Phoenix-X (12)
Most Recent: Temporal Doom! Part II, 2006.02.20
Renegade (1)
Most Recent: #5: Princes and Paupers, 2005.17.10
Special Investigations Division (19)
Most Recent: Pax Romana - Part 4, 2005.10.10
USS Valkyrie (9)
Most Recent: To Catch a Thief, 2005.09.24
Mariner (12)
Most Recent: Carpe Diem, 2005.04.07
Tales of Starfleet (36)
Most Recent: Montage - The Corps Is Mother, 2003.10.10
Outer Zone (15)
Most Recent: EP 8: Erowoon - Part 2, 2003.10.10
The Lost Generation (3)
Most Recent: Chapter Three: Homeward Bound, 2001.12.15
Athena (14)
Most Recent: Phantoms Acts XI - XV, 2001.09.26
Traks Original (2)
Most Recent: Secret Admirer, 2001.09.10
Star Trek: The Excalibur Epics [ MMCD ] (2)
Most Recent: I Thought That They Were Angels, 1999.12.10
Task Force 12 (4)
Most Recent: Full Circle, 1999.08.30
Starbase 47 (1)
Most Recent: Least Common Denominator, 1999.06.07
Cardassia Prime (3)
Most Recent: His Father's Son, 1999.05.29
No Fear (3)
Most Recent: Borg, Borg, Borg, 1998.08.15
Apocalypse (3)
Most Recent: Operation Paramour, 1998.06.17
The Next Degradation (8)
Most Recent: Heart of Checker Cab, Part 3, 1997.08.01
Lexington (3)
Most Recent: Star Trek: Lexington-- A Voice from the Past, 1992.11.26
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